hotel in Dubai

When we studied the modern realities of the Arab world, we found that the demand for modernity in architecture and interior design is already very high there. In designing this project, we tried to take in considerance the context and history of the place and location, combining minimalism, classic interior design techniques and active colors.

Together with the Italian company Sicilia Intarsi, we developed a pattern for decorative panel in marquetry technic (different kind of wood inlayed together) as a transitional state between Italian classicism and modern minimalism. The main motif of the pattern is inspired by the impressions of a trip to Sicily to the workshop of Ricardo D'antone, the owner of the company.
Based on the main pattern, we have also developed modular inlayed panels, which can be assembled like tiles. If you turn them in different directions, you can create a completely different pattern. They can be voluminous and flat. Such panels were used at the bed head wall in a hotel room.

Together with Sicilia Intarsi, we presented this project at exhibitions in Paris, New York and Dubai.