private apartment

The apartments are located in a reconstructed historical building of the former Bolshevik confectionery factory.
The starting point for the creation of the project was a photo of a branch of grapes, which was sent to us by the customer.

To get the right shades, we made a lot of iterations.
The main storage system was custom made, with many details finalized by hand.
Wooden floor covering was additionally varnished to make the shade deeper.

In the bedroom, we spent a very long time choosing a color to get the right shade of grapes, and then accented this bright area with art.

Several scenarios were provided in the dining area. For quick breakfasts - table top that completes the main line of the kitchen. The main dining group got a place at the panoramic window.

Deep blue became the main color of the home office: the work area was highlighted with color, and the furniture was designed as a single structure.